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Trade with SugarYuyu //redoing it entirely dfkljsdf //rolls


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:bulletorange: MissFreakyLuce [1] [2]
:bulletorange: Totoruu
:bulletorange: CottonPuffAdopties

· Kiribans ·
:bulletred: akanekiku's halfbody [ref]
:bulletred: akanekiku's icon [ref]
:bulletred: sanjee-chan's drawing
:bulletred: Tokunoriel's price

:bulletred: nkmblackhyuuga

· Contest prices ·
:bulletred: MoonDeL's halfbody
:bulletred: Haeruh's halfbody
:bulletred: orties' grayscale portrait


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Raerru chibi pagedoll
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[OPEN] Wisterose [Auction] by aririzia Kyro by RivanGarve AT-mana by keokotheshadowfang COM - Kaeni 2 of 2 by AmonKillian COM - Kaeni by AmonKillian Chinese mouse AUCTION! (CLOSED!) THANKS! by Toki-Doki-Adoptables [CLOSED thank you]Paper Tail IV-I'm Pinky by Skf-Adopt [C] K-a-e-n-i by Luxiella
[CLOSED Thank you!]Jiang Shi Tulus or Polutan by Skf-Adopt
Request: For Kaeni-Designs by Zhdara DRAW OC'S : THREE. by AGAIAB Random Oriental Batch|AUCTION|CLOSED| by Eye-Candy-Maker Trade for Kaeni-Designs (2/2) by Demon-Donkey Trade for Kaeni-Designs (1/2) by Demon-Donkey [ p.comm ] kaeni-designs by xgalaxiies [CLOSED] ADOPT AUCTION 176 - Evil Plushies Charmer by Piffi-adoptables Keine by wafflerp Request for Kae-ni by Fluttermoon Kai-nis' OC: Kaoran by itzGamingTime [Closed] by Shiina-Yukicommission for kaeni-designs by spinoza1996 Yulizh [R] by AngelKite AT: kaeni-designs by 0wnii Heartless Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Amaranth by fatalpen Nine tails fox//closed by 00M0scaD0mestica00 Fullbody Zanuelle by Wanini  Critters by Naddillu [ Z ] Bannieres by LElfe-en-plastique Venceslas by LeynSun Arshel by Mr-Sage Request Selfie by Miiru-Inu Request#10 by monkey-tale AT: Valege by SugarYuyu Adoptable Batch #5//CLOSED by 00M0scaD0mestica00 Lyra by crapsh0ot Jammy request - Kaeni-Designs by Glas-Fuchs {CLOSED ADOPT} Mana the Madness by Valyriana Phoenix adopt (NYP)  : closed by RedSeroja OTA|Kemonomimi SchoolDays| CLOSED| by Eye-Candy-Maker Kaeni custom by Eye-Candy-Maker CLOSED by chickid11adopts Mana the Madness by Valyriana 3rd Alice Batch (50 points each - OPEN) by TheYamiClaxia OTA Elf Adoptables (CLOSED) *WINNERS* by YuuiSama Demon Scratch | Set Price| [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Reduced Price Adopt [closed] by faycoon { CLOSED ADOPT // OTA } AiSong 03 by Valyriana Custom Visov for Kaeni-Designs by Rogue-Paladin-Mirage Monochrome Valentine [OTA/CLOSED + WINNERS] by Buddy-Buddy Oriental Tea Bunny Girl Adoptable [CLOSED] by Kaeichi-Ruu Monster Victorian Kemonomimi adoptable  CLOSED by AS-Adoptables Old Designs sale [CLOSED] by Doerei CLOSED by Miushark Colladopt~ { 1 } ( CLOSED POINT auction ) by Ripurii adoptable batch (closed) by adoptables-noe Outfit Adopt Auction Batch 2 [OPEN] by sonisadopts OTA: Closed by Amakai411- Hydrangea - by Ruzuri.:Happiness and Sadness Adopts OTA CLOSED:. by Aki-Adopt-Shoppe  [CLOSED] Hydrangea [Auction] by Ruzuri OTA: Spring Adopts redo {CLOSED} by CRREWELL Sketch Mini Chibi Zanuelle WIP !! by Yonni-Chan Monochrome Valentine [OTA/CLOSED + WINNERS] by Buddy-Buddy Nerina by AtroxReaperJunior Glue - Request by Miiru-Inu Gift Exchange for Valentines by neko-loverx3 + Z + Gijikon 8 + by AngedeCristalfree c- mil ra by antiartian Zanuelle | Tarot - Lot 1 by NekouHime bun-bun Mil-ra! by deathpickle Pony Requests (Updated Again) by graffiti-blaze Secret Santa for kaeniX by K-naille Violet fairy - secret santa fo Kaeni X by K-naille SecretSanta by KairiCat7 Kiriban prize : Bloody-Bullet by RedSeroja OTA Fox and Bird boys adoptables (closed) by RedSeroja Wolf adopt #1 [Closed] by RandomeAdoptabels Adoptables [ CLOSED ] by Starstealer96 Adopt Me 10 points (CLOSED) by Thegr33nfairy canine sheet 38 [2/6 OPEN] by verdi-gris Cutie Offer to Adopt (CLOSED) by SweetieBatch batch adoptables 2 [closed] by AruyaAdopts Chibi Unicorn OTA [CLOSED] by Sharkpocalypse [pending] Sketchy Adopt 2 by shiibu [Closed] Salvi Boys Adopts by CottonPuffAdopties Offer to Adopt #1 by Blitz-o-Byte Adoptables- 1,2,3,4 Auction! (OPEN)money, points by goatshiip Oriental Tea Bunny Girl Adoptable [CLOSED] by Kaeichi-Ruu Senpai Notice Me : Yandere Type [CLOSED] by Buddy-Buddy Oriental Kemonomimi adopts [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Base test adopts 02 [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker Kemonomimi Hoodie BASE02 set3 [CLOSED] by Eye-Candy-Maker .Boucie Friends_Original Species [CLOSED] #1 by sakkoadopts OLD OC, OFFER TO ADOPT (Closed) by LennyCarlitox [2/6OPEN] Aqua #9 by DollyMorbid [CLOSED] ADOPT AUCTION 121 - Jammy by Piffi-adoptables Milotic Ponymon Adopt (CLOSED) by mscreepy + Giveaway Prize (Part 6) + by Serket-XXI Happy Valentinesday '13 #2 by Micia96 Wolf Hybrid Adoptable (CLOSED) by Steam-Powered-Fox Pyramide Jaune by Floupfloup [CLOSED] Dream Selfie Adopt +OTA+ by xPandux DP109 :: Golden Win by ReroReroCandy Lunettes by Floupfloup Untitled by Floupfloup BANANA TEEAMMM by Kawaii797 PV: Secret Santa Part 1 by PervertedBoyFuruchi + Giveaway Prize (Part 5) + by Serket-XXI Request - Venceslas by Jeternity Pv headshot part 2 by dbzcellLover PV | RQ #4 | May-Sa by Hei-Mei by Hexlix Alerig by ShaeDurii Requests Round Two: Venceslas as a Child by ChangelingStudios ~Wolf Adoptable auction :closed:~ by SugarYuyu 30 Head Sketch Dump by TobatoJello  PV: Alerig by aphecchi -Requests- by olitiger Commish: Xue-Xin by ReasonBeautifulChild Zodiac Adoptable Aries - CLOSED by Ririkou-Adopts Second Request: Alerig Reading by ChangelingStudios Ardes Chibi by Kyte-Rhima Ardes by WhiteWingsIII Venceslas by AgCNO Euphrosyne by Yanderenka PV- Alerig Chibi by ArtyyTart PC : Xue-Xin by Silerna PV- Venceslas Chibi by ArtyyTart PV request: Alerig and Venceslas by Byscutte Kiriban prize (27500) - James by DianneDejarjayes Hugs by ChangelingStudios Hug by MissFreakyLuce GiveAway Prize - Kaeni-Orihara by kith-cath-adopt PV SS: Alerig and Megu by Bunny-Muncher Secret Santa by Seigana PV Headshots by Micia96 Secret Halloween by Sun2Clouds2Rain Adoptable :SOLD: by Juuri-No-Sekai OriharaKaeni : Jaden by Marion-Elric-Anarchy Adoptable for Giveaway by Devangelic Persephone by Krystal-J

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Kaeni-designs-2 by sinivi Kaeni-designs-1 by sinivi Kaeni-designs-1-don by sinivi Erin-pagedoll by K-a-e-n-i

Keytale by K-a-e-n-i Kaeni-adopts-1 by sinivi PT 2 AT - Kae-ni by AnxietySloth
Part 1 AT /w Kae-ni by AnxietySloth Icon by K-a-e-n-i Venceslas By Angedecristal-d8huqeo by K-a-e-n-i By Bun E by K-a-e-n-i
Euphrosnneavatar By Melloskitten-d5zfkin by K-a-e-n-i Jeena Icon by njrmdrsj Mgw  Secret At By Xmiichi-d63wz1w by K-a-e-n-i
Animated-icon by K-a-e-n-i Animated-icon by K-a-e-n-i #01 Alerig plz by K-a-e-n-i BY BioPoison by K-a-e-n-i Alerig By Kaeni Orihara-d5oiqpe[1] by K-a-e-n-i

Alerig The Latios By Funnybunnyz-d5o4ujl by K-a-e-n-i

Kaeni by ohilin Kaeniiiii by ohilin
Nyanme | Pixel Pet Commission Sample by K-a-e-n-i Eevi - Pixel transparent background by K-a-e-n-i

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Welcome to my page <3

Requests: Don't even ask.
Commission status: (please check status on Kaeni-Designs' profile!)

Status: doing commissions all day //rolls

Don't hesitate not to start random talks with me! ♥
French | Spanish | Mandarin (Intermediate)

Oh, and you can call me either Kaeni, Kae or Xue Xin, I don't care.

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Personal art: K-a-e-n-i
Adopts/Comms: Kaeni-Designs
Cheap adopts: Mad-Whisperer
Stock: MadWhisperer
Anthro & Pets: Aster-Oris
Fanart: Jerinka


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(It really is annoying sometimes /c/)


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